The apertus° Association is a non profit organization registered in Vienna, Austria. Its community spreads far beyond national borders and includes experts of various backgrounds combined by their shared interest in open technology. apertus° supports and nurtures the creation and distribution of open source knowledge, creativity and technology and actively stimulates the establishment of a network in the area of audiovisual media production aka. digital cinema. The AXIOM product line is a result of the ongoing endeavor of apertus° to create devices without limitations that are tailored exactly to suit film-makers needs.

Philippe Jadin
Sebastian Pichelhofer
Herbert Pötzl
Oscar Spierenburg

af inventions GmbH is a design service company for electronic systems focusing on FPGA based hardware and high speed digital design. Most of their customers are industrial systems manufacturers, requiring hardware development design services for a wide range of applications, including high speed data acquisition, high bandwidth communication links or custom network switching. af inventions developed the “GIMME2”, a stereovision platform for robotic applications in a cooperation with the Mälardalen University in Sweden and hardware for an x-ray scanner for a satellite to help search for Dark Energy. In the AXIOM project af inventions creates hardware and electronics designs.

Magnus Asplund
Carsten Bohnens
Xia Liu
Johannes Romoth

The Art and Science department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna is a department focusing on interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and project-oriented education to stimulate interaction between model and theory construction, particularly in the arts and sciences. A team working within this department is documenting AXIOM as a best-practice Open Hardware project. Tasks in the project involve extensive research on the background and impacts of Open Design principles for art and Open Science, as well as the investigation of transparent development processes and new workflows of Open Hardware. The main research and development is executed at the Artistic Technology Research Lab.

Nils Gabriel
Max Gurresch
Sebastian Pichelhofer
Luise Reitstätter
Simon Repp
Matthias Tarasiewicz
Sophie Wagner
Virgil Widrich
Stefanie Wuschitz

Antmicro is a company based in Poznan, Poland and focuses on embedded systems, FPGA development and software. The core group of Antmicro has previously worked together in university research and industrial R&D projects and consequently founded the Antmicro company in 2009. Since then they played a leading role in various projects including OpenRISC and the Parallella board. Antmicro is actively involved in open source, open hardware and numerous Swedish, Polish and European initiatives, to stay on the forefront of new developments in, and on the borders of, embedded systems. In the AXIOM project, Antmicro develops FPGA code and Linux/embedded related software and drivers.

Michaela Gielda
Peter Gielda
Karol Gugala
Rafal Kapela

DENZ - Präzisionsentwicklung is a Munich based company focusing on mechanical and optical precision design for camera related technologies. DENZ created some of the very first electronic zoom controls, follow focus, video assists, color and pivoting finder video assists, rewarded by receiving an Academy of Motion Pictures Award in 1996 (the Oscar for technical performance). More recently they have implemented services to modify Canon DSLRs and other cameras to make them compatible with native PL mounts. DENZ develops the AXIOM camera enclosure, lens mount components, diverse camera accessories and fulfills further tasks related to design and manufacturing preparation.

Peter Denz
Tobias Finauer
Michele Nicoletti
Christian Sommerhoff