The AXIOM Gamma is another AXIOM open technology camera system and the first to fully utilize a modular hardware concept (the "Open Module Concept"). The Open Module Concept renders the AXIOM Gamma to be a fully extendible and repairable camera system, not to be outdated any time soon. Since this modular design also includes modularity of the enclosure, there is not just one single way the AXIOM Gamma can look like, so the concept rendering above is simply to get an idea about the functional design of this modular, professional camera system.


The AXIOM development consortium received a Horizon 2020 ICT grant from the European Union funding the entire development of the AXIOM Gamma including a pilot production utilizing this newly created camera system. The Horizon 2020 ICT grant runs until summer 2016 by which time a prototype of the AXIOM Gamma will be developed.

Open Module Concept

AXIOM camera systems are not only fully open but also built to be entirely modular, ready to evolve into things not even imaginable today. The Open Module Concept makes changing parts of the camera as easy as exchanging PCIe cards in a PC. It therefore renders AXIOM cameras to be fully extendible and prevails them from being outdated any time soon. This ensures sustainability of the entire assembly as any module - like for example the image sensor - can be replaced while keeping the rest of the camera intact.

Tech Specs

Kintex-7 160T

SODIMM (up to 8GB)

Zynq 7030

Slot 1: Image Processing Module
Slot 2: High Speed Interface Module (HSIOM 1)
Slot 3: High Speed Interface Module (HSIOM 2)
Slot 4: Low Speed Module Adapter (followed by daisy chained stack of LSIOMs)

Backfocus (Z-Axis) adjustable X-Axis & Y-Axis Tilt adjustable

image sensor with peltier element active cooling with fan (noise level